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My name is Jose Graca, are you an entrepreneur in need of help? Looking for a team of Experts that can give you a short cut? You are at the right place!

I built Businesses all my life, made all possible mistakes, merged and sold businesses, raised funds, mentored hundreds of startups, advised business owners, build successful brands, developed go to market strategies, created teams on a Global Scale, developed unique technology and consumer products, created successful sales strategies. I also love JAZZ and be a business angel from time to time.

I have spent over 30 years fine tuning my skills and knowledge while building businesses. To me it feels like cooking a great meal, selecting the right ingredients, defining the right timing, and presenting it in the right way. There is no need for trial and error if you have the knowledge. Invest in yourself, gain knowledge on the go in your own pace, let our experts guide you during our practical courses to short cut your journey.

I have developed for more than two decades SAAS unique business products to handle anything you can imagine. I recently consolidated all that knowledge to serve the business community in a new business offer, Bizmoni A BIZ FACTORY! Build, buy and sell a business in a new and simple way.




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Get your Company on the Right Track! Starting a business that will reach success is never easy. This is why you should never hesitate in getting all the advice you can get from EXPERTS. Watch our weekly challenge show and follow how others are building their business with our concept and the advice from experts.

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My Journey

After a career working for two-billion-dollar companies and building at night my own businesses, I started in 1990 a part time Mentoring and Consulting business for Startups and Business's, in Europe, North and South America.

While doing this over the years I sold and merged several companies such as: PayQix, Ymobiz, PMEBOX, NETSHOP and IBIKES.

I have raised funds for +20 years from 3F, Business Angels, Private Investors and Venture Capitals in Pre Seed, Seed and Series A for several ventures. I served as a Chairman of a Business Angel Club and have been a Strategic Business Angel for +20 years in diverse verticals.

I have an MBA in Finance and Economy but also studied design and marketing (an old passion) and have helped companies in the fields of fintech and biz-tech, operational processes, financial models, business models, quality assurance processes, operational manuals, go to market strategies, sales solutions and state of the art business and financial technology.

I have been on both sides of the table as a founder and entrepreneur but also as an investor, consultant and mentor. When you love what you do life can be wonderful!

In 2018 I started Bizmoni A BIZ FACTORY, a startup with talented people from all over the globe,100% remote cloud organization, where I currently have multiple roles as the CEO, CMO and Chairman.

There is no Magic formula!

Whatever they tell you, there are no secrets or magic formulas. It is all about knowledge. There are great short cuts that we can show you! Give you a fast track. Watch my video!

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